SA Hunters: Experiences of the hunting industry as percieved by Local Hunters, Profesional Hunters and Game Ranchers

Survey preamble letter and questionnaire


Dear Hunter / Professional Hunter / Game Rancher

Cecil the Lion and the Driven Hunt have put our industry under the spot light.  Mostly for the negative.  Not only in the public eye, but apparently it also created turbulence within the industry, between members and organizations.  I have therefore decided to do a study in order to determine the current situation and to identify aspects that can be adressed in order to prevent similar situations in the future. It is for this reason that you are being asked to participate in a research study. 

My name is Retief Celliers and I am a Lecturer at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University,  in the Agriculture & Game Management Department.  I am enrolled for my DTech degree

This questionnaire is being mailed to the following hunting organizations in South Africa:

- SA Hunters






The hunting industry is increasingly scrutinized and criticized in public and also between members within the industry itself.  As mentioned before, the final straw was when Cecil the lion became an example used as part of an international outcry against the whole industry.  I am conducting research on people’s attitudes towards the hunting industry and certain practices that occur in the industry.  The research is aimed at determining which, if any, of the hunting practices are acceptable and if acceptable to what extent this acceptability stretches.  The purpose of this survey is to collect information about attitudes, opinions and beliefs about and within the hunting faternity  and hunting organizations. 

It is important to understand that some questions might be percieved as a threat toward the industry you are representing, but rest assured that the results from this survey will be to the benefit of the whole industry.   It is important that you consider your answer carefully before your answer. I trust that the information from this questionnaire will provide a clear picture of the various practices that occur in the industry, as well as the views about the relationship between the different organisations within the industry.  It is for this reason that the questionnaire will only be distributed through the various organizations within the hunting industry.

It is hoped that the results of this research will facilitate the development of a plan and guidelines that can be used to improve the general opinion of the public with regard to the hunting industry as well as provide information with regards to relationships between the various disciplines within the hunting fraternity (recreational hunters, professional hunters, game ranchers and breeders).

You are not obliged to take part in this survey.  You may withdraw from the survey at any time (by simply closing the web survey) without any fear of reprisal.  Your participation is completely voluntary and your identity and personal information will be kept completely confidential at all times.  However, the results of the research study may be presented at scientific conferences and/or in specialist publications.

By clicking on the electronic link below, you agree to participate in the survey.  Note, however, that you must be at least 18 years of age or older to participate in the survey.  No person younger than the age of 18 years should participate in the survey. 

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 Data use:   Forms part of research by Retief Celliers for a DTech thesis in Agriculture.

 The ethical integrity of the study has been approved by the Research Ethics Committee: Human (REC-H) of the university.  The REC-H consists of a group of independent experts with the responsibility of ensuring to ensure that the rights and welfare of participants in research are protected and that studies are conducted in an ethical manner.  Research studies that involve human participants cannot be conducted without REC-H approval. 

 Research Ethics clearance number: H16-SCI-AGR-003

You have the right to raise any concerns regarding the study at any time:  The contact details of the researcher are provided below. 

Kind Regards

P R Celliers

(Principal investigator of study)

Contact: 027 (+)41 504 3633


The questionnaire will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

There are 29 questions in this survey.